“Cruelty creates cruelty, and by that same token kindness creates kindness.”


If there is one thing which I could do while on this planet aside from creating happiness, it would be to steer the place from a place of cruelty to a place of kindness. The process of going from cruelty to kindness is a process which all human thought and spiritual, religious and humanitarian work could be governed by and in order to do right now.

Kindness is where we ought to be, but right now, we’re in a state of harm and a state of cruelty. People are unwillingly making money out of harm and cruelty caused to others, and I know that they deep down do not wish in their hearts to do that.

Nobody does. Cruelty is a place created out of the cruelty in our heart. Cruelty creates cruelty, and by that same token kindness creates kindness.

The one thing which the world is aching for right now aside from a general overall direction, is to unlearn cruelty unto itself and remake itself into one of kindness.

Kindness is forgiveness, understanding and respect.

When Hitler and the Nazis decided to build concentration camps, they did so and were powered by a will to turn away from themselves, force their own hearts to be cruel and live in the shadows away from civilized people.

Peace is a human right in this world. Peace is the ultimate development of all kind civilization. Peace happens when civilization is kind to itself. If we’re cruel, our hearts torment us. If we’re kind, our hearts forgive us.

People may want the president to be perfect or a queen. They may want their idols never to show fallibility or their sports heroes to show weakness.

By wanting others to be above human, we deny ourselves to be great, because we in turn have to be human, as they do.

And then we can fly for a moment, and become something special, because everyone is special, everyone is born with a heart of pure gold.