If someone believes that prison is solely to impose a system of punishment, even violence, on someone, there is then no opportunity for that person to grow beyond their sentence.

Rehabilitation, the idea of rehabilitation is morally required to be part of the prison system in any country.

When someone shows that they can be helped in a positive way, this can transform lives and improve the world.

However, in our current culture many impose punishments and kinds of sentences on people to which there are no rules or codes of conduct such as the prison system.

This also shows a very strong prejudice in certain people who would prefer to judge every human being by inhuman standards.

The exclusion of a person from what is sold to us as ‘the culture’ for example, is often done in a similar way to perhaps one of the worst kinds of prisons.

Often when someone is put in prison and find that the staff are corrupt, the inmates behave like thugs and no one can be trusted, that they cannot then ever become part of the world again.

Probably the worst thing about those who destroy other people in this destructive and cruel way, is how hypocritical they are. Being human is all we can ever be. We are not perfect robots no matter what the internet has done to us. Perfection and the seeking of it, can lead to destructive outcomes.

Destruction is what is happening all around the world right now. Inner destruction and outer destruction.

The destruction of the human being and the attempt to modify, engineer, perfect and control human beings is ultimately failing us all and the greater world.

While this has created huge disconnects and harmed people’s thinking process, it has actually made millions for some businesses.

In many ways what started out as creative tools have been used as destructive and dangerous ones to be handled with care.

What if in years to come we realise that these things are as harmful as smoking? It has ultimately created a kind of cancer, a social psychosis.

Without these toys we are naked, human and beautifully exquisitely and wonderfully FLAWED.

War is all around us, as more and more people attempt to ‘beat the machine’. It just cannot be done, because the machine always wins.

Our beauty historically and for many ages, has been our imperfection. This is what helped millions to heal and grow.

And this is what will eventually lead us out of the chaos and craziness of this current mini era.

Just remember, in years to come this entire era will be in perspective and safely behind us.

First, however I regret to warn you, we might break before we heal.