21st December 2022.

Dear souls who rest now in heaven,

I would like the worlds leaders to commit to making less weapons and less bombs. I would like an agreement now that we are in 2023 that we will commit to peace as only babies behave like Putin and the like, because they know not what they do.

Why is it that it always goes the same way. Our online culture seems a constant hurt machine, addicting vulnerable young people and lonely older ones to the incredibly damaging war machine and new social media military industrial complex of anger, shame and sorrow.

Every religion tells us that we are better than this, if only we could hear ourselves on the inside screaming. It’s painful to be alive in 2023. It’s always been painful. Learning to walk and talk, the beautiful new baby has to survive what a nightmare our world is and has become. Endless suffering, endless attempts to run away from our own reflection because it’s not the way it should be according to the Perfection Machine. The Perfection Machine is a perfect robot that criticizes, judges and attacks everyone, and just adores to be Right. Like Right Handed. As if it is better.

How stupid and cruel was the behaviour of our past leaders and so called masters that they managed to destroy or turn into their own gold at the expense of human life, anything they touched.

I am not writing these letters pretending our world’s civilisations want pain and tragedy. But I must cling to my faith in the beauty of simple kindness and compassion in order that the story of the world, the big story, can take on a better turn, that wars won’t happen, and social media owners will stop acting like they invented everything planning to steal from and use everyone’s energy, hoarding useless stacks of money, money that contains the pain of every upset and disturbed human being.

More thoughts to follow as part of my dormant consciousness awakens in 2023.

-Frederick Roussel.