“I write this as a letter to Death: I know you walk with me every where I go.”


The city reveals itself and through the people truth shines. Because there is all, there is never just one. No human being is alone, crowds complete us. We arrive into the world poured out into the glass shape which was here before we were born. We fall into this awkward shape, a shape which is kept going for no reason whatsoever. It is the shape of bad science and delusional faith in the wrong path to peace of soul and mind.

It is the blood thirsty quest via war for gain, and the clinging onto money for no other reason other than that it must be held in the hand of a dying man, rather than liberate a thousand doves to fly and bring about inner peace, universal oneness, stillness and tranquility.

Where war is created for greedy reasons, the bad system is like an addiction for people. Locked into bad habits, children grow to be leaders and some dictators. We must see them as they were then in order to understand them, and to forgive them.

A powerful man who may be president of Russia was once a powerless boy. What does the boy do to deserve this fall into deep corruption.

Deep corruption is a shape. A system is shaped by the people in the past, who unconsciously pass it down to the people of the future. Our roads are called things because they were created before we can remember.

Past people who now reside in graves are secretly giving us orders, preventing us from seeing clearly.

Wealth and pursuit of profit is essentially the misguided search for peace, health and happiness.

Business is outdated and doesn’t fit the needs of anyone, especially its biggest apostles and share holders. Share holders hold nothing except the oxygen in their lungs and their naked bodies.

Just like everyone else. We feel ashamed for admitting that we can see through the emperor’s new clothes and that we admit to have been directed by some hidden force.

We now live in a young world. The oldest people are practically children, who do not even remember the 2nd world war.

Only those who fought wars had a true and honest commitment to peace. Only those who avoided going and then ordered others to, did not understand the damage it caused.

The world makes every individual special, and there is no such thing, just the oneness.

If our collective destiny is to eventually die, perhaps we could consider how to die well as well as live well. After all, it is the true ending for us, which is almost always sad.

Whether there is a literal Heaven we do not know all of us. But there is a spirit. One spirit in all, and united all together.

I write this as a letter to Death: I know you walk with me every where I go. At first I was afraid. Then I saw that it was the truth.

And now I understand what my values are. That is the centre of why I create and why I live.