“Oil is only good at half of what other energy forms can do. It’s not as good. If anything Oil itself is the alternative to them!”


The world when oil was the only option, and carbon dioxide fumed into the atmosphere like a physical spirit smoking the air. Perhaps they would offer the world a cigarette in exchange for its silence? I can just see the world smoking. It’s trying to give up, it’s coughing up a lung, it’s almost about to get cancer, but the world got hooked.

Hooked on the carbon dioxide which has given it illness. And of course the beady eyed little business men knew. They knew all along. They knew of every kind of energy you can imagine. A certain oil company knew more than anyone suspected, hoarding away the information and conspiring to keep the greed going. Back when greed was ‘good’ and there was “uncertainty” being manufactured.

Manufacturing uncertainty in all human souls. Not knowing one way or the other, the sudden burst of so called “educated” men, making a new reality where the oil could keep flowing.

Manufacturing uncertainty. Text books, leaflets, magazine and newspaper articles, so called “studies”. All were the public relations arm of the big oil coalition, cunningly named the climate coalition.

Some young people think the delay has been 5 or 10 years. The first studies conducted by big oil were done in the late 1970s over 40 years ago.

Then for some reason it all got stopped, around 1983.

If they had continued with all forms of energy, we’d be breathing different air right now, particularly in our cities around the globe.

Smog, smoke, monoxide, dioxide, poison.

Like the little nicotine delivery devices they called “cigarettes”, here were the Dioxide Delivery Devices.

Dioxide Delivery at our service.

You know, many people just want to live a good life and be healthy, and would rather have happiness than play these kinds of gambling games with our lives and future.

As if our whole world were one big casino, where betting big would mean anything went, and losing big meant nobody cared about you. Where the gold couldn’t feed you, and could sometimes be turned into weapons.

Some may have felt they were being shot by a golden gun, but imagine if it were just a water pistol.

Children don’t want to destroy the world and then end up breathing smog. This stuff was taught.

Oil is just an option but energy matters most. Energy is anything that works, and which is efficient. Efficient means the world can finally give up smoking and the weather can go back to the way it should be.

Efficient means it saves energy and costs very little.

Oil was one option for energy.

Other Options For Energy are there, as big oil’s studies showed in 1980.

Energy is a service, and that service is essential for human living.

Oxygen is required also, and that isn’t being sold by the bottle. Not yet anyway.

Oil is only good at half of what other energy forms can do. It’s not as good. If anything Oil itself is the alternative to them!