What is true compassion?

This is an interesting question. True compassion would probably be attempting to understand the motives of a villain in story, and perhaps ask how they became the ‘villain’.

We live in a world of perceived heroes and villains. Human beings who are cast often by other people and the media in a solely ‘good’ or ‘bad’ light. This simplistic way of thinking often comes from a kind of sugar coated perception brought to us by certain animated films and their big studios.

Certain countries such as the USA attempt to be the number 1 and outshine every other nation, convincing everyone that they have the right answer.

But what is more likely is that the hero / villain are neither one or the other.

Human is human, and every religion in the past was an attempt to try to help us understand how to live as flawed humans.

It is pretty unwise to attempt to pretend or convince others that everyone should be perfect in some way, because they will always fall short. Isn’t that what is beautiful about being human?

That if nothing else, what we have in common is our imperfections and that helps us all to be more like friends than enemies.

The casting agent for various stories goes out and finds ordinary people and some famous people, and casts them as villians in some pieces, meanwhile other casting agents go out, find the same people and cast them as heros.

Different stories are for sale. Separate realities compete for our attention. Separate ideologies attempt to corner us with their superficial non wisdom, doing what so many dogmatic and unworkable ideas did to those in the past.

In a complex world full of nuance, our true enemy is the part of us that cannot move into a place of understanding, even wisdom.

What a world it was, and what a world it has become. In this age of 2023, we have Artificial Intelligence to grapple with. Robots might actually take over the world! And this stuff can be used to do the very worst things.

The technology we use can be enormously creative and enriching, meanwhile some companies seem to remain indifferent to the kinds of criticism based engagements happening right now at this second all over the world.

People are overwhelmed and yet under served. Has anyone ever thought of breaking away from some of the technology?

Does anyone remember a time without it? What a world it would be if tomorrow someone came up with a better idea, and our world could return to a more natural state.

Dealing with complex human issues and questions of faith and philosophy, sometimes the way to ‘keep up’ is to stop running, and just let the stampede go by.

Oh yeah, you’ll feel unfulfilled for a while. They’ve addicted you to that phone.

And then one day you regain your human consciousness! You visit the ocean and watch the waves peacefully gliding back and fourth. The ocean helps a human to realise that nature is always there and takes them as they are.

As the famous Nirvana song says, perhaps we should come as we are, and just be.

Something beautiful about the buddhist philosophy is its ability to transform human beings by accepting them as they are, removing the pressure to ‘do’ or ‘go’ and thus paradoxically aids them into growing much faster from that point on.

I resign myself to understanding the world through teachings and ideas which have existed for centuries.

This is dedicated to anyone who is uncomfortable being pushed around by the world today.

I am the sole voice whispering its okay. Be still, take in some nature, watch nature.

Let the trees wave away all the world’s negativity. The trees know everything.