“The curse of history banishes them to a future they thought they controlled.”


The news media are attempting to write yesterday’s news as though it were something grand and historic.

They write about events which just transpired as though they happened decades ago.

They have a desire to write about yesterday’s minor story as though it were the major story of this decade.

How would they know that?

The answer is of course, that perhaps journalists love to put things in such big historic sounding terms, but in actual fact these events are small and won’t matter in a decade.

When real history happens it is in stages, and is usually what journalists and the media DON’T see coming.

There are many events that have come by surprise which have bewitched all of the world’s media.

Sometimes they will be convinced that following the day to day events surrounding something is going to matter in the end.

As with other industries, the carrot on the stick is presented as the so called “latest” story.

Once the date shows to be yesterday, a new carrot is created.

History is what they cannot ever see, and whatever they focus on is like watching a tree every day to see how it is growing.

Perhaps they can invent some grand version of a story, but in actuality they cannot ever pull out and see the big picture.

They are terrified of the big picture.

What they make for us is the small picture, then blow it up using the kind of language reserved for books about decades ago.

They also have a habit of looking at the present to predict the future.

Again wrong.

The future could only be predicted by examining the past.

The past is not yesterday nor the day before.

It’s the true story of decades ago, confirmed by history books.

The true story of now is currently missing.

The minute to minute essays might attract attention, but they are further and further away from the true big picture.

The big picture is like a god looking down on everything.

It can see what those holding a magnifying glass to today’s stories miss.

That god of history will always see everything clearly.

They cannot look up from their precious next minute’s story.

The curse of history banishes them to a future they thought they controlled.

In actuality the real news is this.

THIS is the news for this century.