“Another piece of history breaks free. Another small piece of poetry.”


If there’s one thing for sure it’s that the systems of the current world are not serving anyone except the tyrants, white collar criminals and sociopaths who have unfairly stolen their way to power.

The shining lie on the TV screen flashes up images of the over privileged and the famous as millions are made to give up their whole lives to follow them.

Draining the world of its resources while they bathe in champagne, some have no home and are forced to watch them from hell.

In America the prom queen amasses billions in profit as her obsessed customers glue themselves to a shrine they made for her as she pretends she is not the ruthless capitalist pig underneath.

Pathetic whining sickly sweet men sing for pennies hoping for sympathy and a record contract while elections determine the fate of their crushed supporters.

Passive aggressive social media nerds burn peoples brains in a plastic drug lab with the devil, whispering war chants behind them.

And Christmas comes with the sound of artificial bells ringing, gluttony and homelessness as the memory of Jesus is erased beneath the obesity and sugar rush destroying the planet in one day.

The obsessed hoardes rush to chase the new year’s carrot on a stick pulled by a crime spree up to Heaven.

A world covered in golden glitter forgets everything as the glitter gets into the eyes of new born messiahs who betray everyone seconds later and vow to steal from a thousand lost children.

The bread factories are sold off for one gold watch worn by the amoral Silicon Valley psychopath who owns the whole world.

The darkness which covers everything disguises itself as innocent bright lights, as the music of torture and depression rings out like a happy rage.

Silent terrors gently touch us in our sleep as we cuddle up to our favourite celebrity, pretending to care for us as we sign our future happiness over just to them.

Another day closes down.

Another year goes by.

Another piece of history breaks free.

Another small piece of poetry.