Frederick Roussel is a singer-songwriter.
His current single ‘Break The Power Up’ is a protest song about ‘the power’ being so great and immense and how it is too big to be in so few hands.
His other single ‘World Came Down’ is about how the ‘stock went up when the world came down’.
This line refers to how some profit when disaster happens.
The world recently came down with a virus, and yet some got richer due to taking advantage.
His EP featuring 5 unique contemporary folk songs presents a different side of Frederick Roussel.
This sees the artist strip away special effects so we hear the raw performance of each song, live and in the moment.
The songs are thought provoking and feature a more developed kind of lyricism.
For instance the song ‘Social Psychosis’ deals with the issue of over dependence on smart phones and the associated apps. ‘Social Psychosis is our diagnosis’ he sings, after beginning in anticipation of ‘We are but a moment away’.
‘The Voice’ is about a voice which ‘was sold to corporate control’ and how those in control of the voice used it ‘when they needed an alibi’.
‘Behind The Billboard’ is about the cynical nature of advertising and about the disparity between the ‘billboard’ and the people using it to dominate and be number 1:
‘Aiming to outfox the competition / Making a plot to overtake them / Waging a war for their position / Smashing their fist down in frustration’.
‘The News Machine’ protests against the for profit news industry which preys upon viewers’ emotions while being motivated simply to make money.
As the song continues he suggests that the news industry might not survive gong forward:
‘Maybe the trust they built for ages will be lost in this new age / Then we’ll lift up all of their veils and they’ll be fortune tellers one day’.
All 3 releases are available to stream via Spotify.