“We could be living in a better world tomorrow, if a few basic things were set up.”


If a house were to catch fire, a person would be able to phone for the emergency services.

The person would specify that they needed the fire service to come and put out the fire.

This service is completely free of charge, and yet similar services cost hundreds, thousands to people in various places across the globe.

Some nations won’t create a nationalised health service which could potentially save millions of lives and keep millions of people fit and healthy.

And yet the fire service is free.

Imagine if the fire service were not free of charge.

A fire occurs in the building a person is living in and they need urgent assistance from other human beings with a soul and a conscience.

But for some reason it may cost them hundreds, perhaps thousands in bills just to put out the fire.

Water is sold via private companies, but human beings need water to survive.

Not live, survive.

The best thing would be to have a service which consists of people who know how to do a variety of different things, based on the art of survival.

Countries have standing armies which are not owned by one citizen or another, although some rich media tycoons may have attempted to do this.

Survival knowledge and services would lift people up and make them happier and generally would be more in line with what is generally considered to be morally right.

Nobody questions whether or not a person should risk themselves and or their house being burned down just because there was no fire service that would help them.

And yet in some places human survival is not fully covered.

Water is needed so that should be provided free of charge.

Health should be provided free of charge.

Transport could easily be arranged to work free of charge.

We could be living in a better world tomorrow, if a few basic things were set up.

What makes us less human and less caring, less good are:

Weapons of any kind whose sole purpose is to cause harm

Laws which are designed to punish people for their misfortune

Companies which actively profit from warfare be it via words or physical force

That which destroys rather than builds

Survival Services would include water, enough to live by including drinking and bathing,

Fire services to put out any fire,

Health services to help with any health problem no bureaucracy, no excuses.

Transport to be able to go anywhere free of charge.

Enough food for surviving and which is great quality.

Housing which must pass quality checks.

Free energy, as it is needed particularly in winter, to survive.

Survival is a right and not a luxury.

Survival Services belong in our world.